International activities

We support and actively work for

  • Supporting and lobbying for free and equal access to libraries for all citizens regardless of age, gender and cultural background and to do this as part of ongoing democracy development
  • Contributing to the work being done by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Association (EBLIDA) concerning copyright exceptions for libraries, e.g. making access to digital sources and documents as easy as access to printed materials
  • Supporting less developed countries in their efforts to establish efficient national library associations
  • Influencing the international library agenda in order to promote Danish policies and goals. The major task here right now here is the transformation of the traditional book library into the modern 21st century library offering both classic library services as well as digital and web based services

THE DLA acts internationally through three main channels representing three levels of action.
On a global level, DLA is a member of the IFLA. On a European level, the DLA is one of the founders of EBLIDA and finally on a subregional level, the DLA works in partnership with the other Nordic library associations.

IFLA – was established in 1927 with the overall aim to lobby for academic libraries and their continuous development, e.g. for library legislation and strategies, relevant copyright issues as well as professional guidelines and standards. Today, IFLA represents all types of libraries as reflected by its many professional sections.

DLA is represented in the following IFLA sections and Governing Board

IFLA Governing Board
Mrs. Kirsten Boelt, Aalborg

Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section
Mr. Søren Dahl, Odense Library

Public Libraries Section
Mr. Jakob Lærkes, Gladsaxe Library

IFLA European Regional Division Committee
Mr. Steen Bording Andersen, Aarhus

Established in the 1990’s as a means to promote the copyright interests of libraries in the European Union (EU). Its aim is to counterbalance the EU’s predominantly commercial approach to copyright matters. However, EBLIDA also deals with other relevant issues, such as the need for joint European ICT-related strategies in the area of libraries, support for national reading campaigns and grass root activities.

EBLIDA Executive Board

Mr. Andrew Cranfield, Tønder

Nordic co-operation
The third level is the co-operation between the library associations in the five Nordic countries. At the moment this network directs its efforts towards the copyright situation in the area of digital documents and resources and has established a Digital Committee for that purpose.

Contact DLA director Mr. Michel Steen-Hansen, for further information.


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