Danish public libraries welcome the Syrian refugees

Skrevet af

Steen B. Andersen

18 september, 2015

The Danish public libraries have a long and proud tradition of being open to everyone. And of course the libraries also welcome the Syrian refugees that enter Denmark at the moment. The Danish public libraries offers a lot of activities for kids as well as for adults, but most importantly; everybody is welcome at the libraries.

The president of the Danish Library Association and Executive member of EBLIDA, Mr. Steen B. Andersen says:
’We can’t promise that the libraries have sufficient copies of books in the languages required for all refugees, but we will still do our best to make everyone feel welcome. The Danish public libraries has for many years successfully been deeply involved in welcoming and integrating new foreign citizens to the Danish society, and as a result of this work, today immigrants, refugees and their descendents are among the most active library users in Denmark.

And of course the public libraries are also ready to welcome the new guests that arrive from Syria to Denmark right now, and we will do what we can to make them feel safe, kids as well as the adults. Everybody is welcome at the Danish public libraries’

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