Nordic library associations condemn war in Ukraine

Skrevet af

Danmarks Biblioteksforening m.fl.

3 marts, 2022

The Nordic library associations resolutely condemn the war Russia has started against Ukraine and stand in solidarity with the aspiration of the Ukrainian people to live in a free, independent and democratic state of Ukraine, guided by European fundamental values. We invite all Nordic libraries to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and to provide with financial donations and moral support.

We urge libraries and their representative organizations to condemn the aggression of the Russian Federation immediately and to suspend all co-operation with the institutions representing the Russian Federation. We encourage libraries to spread the right information about the attack and to campaign strongly against disinformation.

We are committed to continuing to create a comprehensive space of knowledge and culture, free from false information, lies, hatred and war, and open to all. People with a Russian background living in all countries need to feel welcome in the library. The action of the Russian Federation is not their fault. Let us use all the tools at our disposal to win the information war. Libraries mean freedom. Libraries are the gateway to the future. Libraries are also encouraged to support potential refugees from The Ukraine in cooperation with state and non-governmental organizations.

Nordic library associations have made a donation to Reporters Without Borders to support their work in disseminating objective information.

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